A brand of Samex India Pvt. Ltd, Emperor Akbar Cardamom is the only brand of authentic, GI-tagged Alleppey Green Cardamom from India. Known for the superior flavour & aroma, Alleppey Green Cardamom also contains high level of nutrients and medicinal properties. Emperor Akbar enjoys the support of the Spices Board of India - an assurance of our commitment to ensure the enriching goodness of the world's best cardamoms.

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The history of cardamom dates back to ancient treatises like the Taitreya Samhita from 3000 BC, Charaka Samhita and Susrutha Samita (1400 - 600 BC) and Arthashastra (3rd century AD), profiling both its sensory appeal and medicinal properties. Across the 15th – 17th century, wars were fought by the Portuguese, Dutch and the English for control of this spice. In India, the Raja of Travancore had declared that only the best quality cardamoms were to be reserved for export and be forwarded to the main depot in Alleppey.

It was there that the cardamoms were processed and separated.

The techniques identified for this segregation were so skilled that the yardsticks and attributes which were used back then later on became the international standards. These were the standards that distinguished Alleppey Green Cardamoms as the best in the world - a standard that Emperor Akbar Cardamom upholds to this day.

Why Us
The Emperor Akbar distinction is in quality-focus across the process at its state-of-the-art HACCP certified facility

Emperor Akbar Cardamoms are carefully handpicked from the lush green plantations of Alleppey in South India. Full pods always! We make sure that only the finest and superior quality cardamom pods are processed and packaged at our state of the art, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified manufacturing facility.

We are the first Indian brand to do quality-based graded packaging of cardamom. This system of packaging has become the quality-signature in cardamom industry across the globe. We like to say that our quality begins with transparency and this is transparency at its best.

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Packaging Excellence In Cardamoms!

At Emperor Akbar, it’s not just cardamoms that are packed;
it’s excellence at its best sealed.

Larger size and superior quality cardamoms are packed in Purple packs, followed by Pink, Green, Orange and Red packs; each assured to remain Tamper-Proof. The unique ‘Aroma Lock’ technology of our packaging ensures that the rich aroma of Emperor Akbar Cardamoms endures long after the pack is opened. Our cardamoms are packed in multi-layered, food-grade material which means it’s safe for food use and is designed for multiple trips and extended life. Another function the packaging serves is that after the last cardamom pod is used, the pack becomes re-usable for other food products. The packaging not only maintains quality standards and but also allows users to re-use these packs for other things and hence limit single plastic use. Our master cartons are UV-coated and lined with black paper so that the original vibrant green colour of natural cardamoms is retained.

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