The Small Wonder Called Alleppey Green Cardamom

Sometimes, small and seemingly insignificant things do things that are far beyond their capacity and stature. Take the flimsy little needle for one. On an average it weighs less than 0.5 gm, and its diameter is less than a millimetre. Yet, it is used to stitch fancy outfits that clothe humans infinitely larger than itself. Or in healthcare, used to draw blood or inject medication for our wellbeing.

The sparkplug is another example of a small wonder that punches way above its weight. Without that spark, the vehicle does not start. Yet, in comparison to the dimensions of the vehicle itself, the spark plug is almost insignificant. What about the chip inside a computer? So small, yet capable of doing all the fancy things a computer can.

Superfood… and more

Cardamom is that small wonder in the food domain. Each pod is small, the seeds and oil within that actually deliver all the goodness of cardamom, even smaller. Yet, cardamom can add that twist or punch to dishes, deserts, beverages and more; transforming their taste into something almost magical. No wonder it’s considered a superfood

And what about all the health benefits that are packed into those seemingly insignificant pods! Managing blood pressure and sugar levels; digestive properties; dental health; preventing cavities, bad breath and ulcers; improving breathing; fighting chronic disease, inflammation and infections… maybe even cancer.

Global Favourite

Cardamom is popular right around the world, but especially so in India. It has been an integral part of Indian cuisine and culture for centuries – used in cooking, traditional medicine and religious rituals as well. That’s why it’s called the ‘Queen of Spices’.

Green cardamom has always been at home in India. It is native to the warm tropical climate of Kerala. The southern state hosts conditions that are ideal for the cultivation of high-quality cardamom.

Since ancient times, Kerala’s cardamom has attracted merchants and traders from across the globe. In fact, where it was cultivated and traded gave the local variety an international identity – Alleppey Green Cardamom. Now represented by the cardamom that comes out of the entire region in Kerala.

Even today, Alleppey Green Cardamom is in high demand across the globe – in particular, the Middle East, Europe and North America. So much so, that its export contributes significantly to the state’s economy and foreign exchange earnings.

Topmost Supplier and Exporter

Emperor Akbar is one of only two entities in the entire world that can legally market or promote Alleppey Green Cardamom. The other is the Spice Board of India. Both have been conferred the prestigious GI tag. Which means no one else can even claim to sell or promote Alleppey Green Cardamom. Thus, when you shop for this wonder spice, do yourself a huge favour and buy only Emperor Akbar Cardamom. Anything else would be compromising authenticity and your family’s wellbeing.

Emperor Akbar is the topmost supplier and exporter of Alleppey Green Cardamom in the entire world. This has been acknowledged by prestigious awards that certify them as the topmost exporter of the spice over three straight years.

Next time you cup a handful of Emperor Akbar Alleppey Green Cardamom, marvel at the wonder and benefits packed into this small wonder.

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