First brand to do quality based graded packaging
Emperorakbar-Grade Packaging
8 mm
Emperorakbar - Purple Pack
Emperorakbar-Grade Packaging
7.5 mm
Emperorakbar - Pink Pack
Emperorakbar-Grade Packaging
7 mm
Emperorakbar - Green Pack
Emperorakbar-Grade Packaging
6.5 mm
Emperorakbar - Orange Pack
Emperorakbar-Grade Packaging
6 mm
Emperorakbar - Red Pack
Emperorakbar-Enriching Lives with goodness
Who We Are

Emperor Akbar is GI-tagged Alleppey Green Cardamoms, certified by the Spices Board of India. Today we are India’s top most exporter of cardamom, trusted across countries and continents. We’re on a mission to enrich lives with goodness all over the world!

Emperorakbar- Largest Cardamom

Premium Quality

Every pod of our GI-tagged Alleppey Green Cardamoms has lesser husk, more seeds, more oil content which leads to richer aroma.

100% Natural

The world’s finest cardamom is handpicked from the lush green plantations of Alleppey in South India, and then graded and packed for you.


The unique 'Aroma Lock Packs' preserve the rich aroma of cardamoms till the very last pod.

Emperorakbar - Cardamom Recipe
Cardamom Recipes

This versatile spice can enhance many sweet and savoury dishes. Have a look at what a touch of cardamom can do to your meals. Let the rich aroma and a unique flavour enrich your life with goodness!

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