Best Green Cardamom Suppliers in India

Cardamom or Elaichi is a wonderful spice that adds a heavenly aroma to your food and deserts! But as with everything else, there are different qualities of cardamoms. Over a period of time the Alleppey Green Cardamom emerged as one of the world’s best cardamoms, because of its spectacular aroma and quality.

To understand why Alleppey Green Cardamoms emerged as premium cardamoms, let’s rewind to the 18th Century, and visit the gentle slopes of Kerala’s hills. Here were luxuriant cardamom plantations that earned worldwide fame even in an era when social media and internet were non-existent! The reputation was so great that international merchants braved the tumultuous seas to get this Queen of Spices. The Raja of Travancore - an astute businessman, decided to cash in on this thriving and increasingly popular wonder spice. He commanded that all cardamoms in his kingdom should only be sold to his officials and that all cardamom roads would lead to Alleppey, where he set up the main depot because Alleppey was Travancore’s most significant port.

Thus the Raja converted this spice that grew in abundance in his kingdom, into a premium spice that would rake in the moolah! The cardamom industry in Alleppey started employing skilled labourers to meticulously segregate the cardamoms based on their quality, with the best quality pods being reserved for export. Cardamom sorting and processing became a specialised trade in Alleppey which then lent its name to the Premium Green Cardamoms – and thus came into existence the now world renowned Alleppey Green Cardamoms.

Fast forwarding to the 20th Century - Samex India Pvt. Ltd. India (formerly Samex Agency) set up in 1981, has meticulously carried forward the rich cardamom legacy of the Raja of Travancore. Samex’s dedication, care, and commitment to the cardamom world, made it go a step further to research and find ways to lock in the amazing aroma. Thus was born the brand Emperor Akbar Cardamoms in 2008, through which Samex innovatively changed the packaging of cardamoms, successfully preserving its aroma for much longer. This has made Emperor Akbar a premium cardamom brand and a household name across the world. Emperor Akbar Cardamoms have been authorized to use the GI tag “Alleppey Green Cardamom” as per the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 It is today one of the major cardamom suppliers worldwide. Initially Emperor Akbar Cardamoms were sold in zip-lock pouches – moving away from the traditional plastic or jute bags in which aroma and potency would diminish. While the zip-lock pouches significantly retained the aroma, the Emperor Akbar brand revolutionized the packaging further by introducing the world’s first ever Aroma-Lock technology for cardamom packaging. With this, the volatile cardamom oil found in the cardamom seeds got locked in, making them truly the world’s best cardamoms. This has made the Emperor Akbar Cardamom brand one of the largest cardamom exporters worldwide. Samex is today the international elaichi supplier par excellence, because it focuses on getting you the best cardamoms no matter where you are located in the world!

Indeed opting for Emperor Akbar Cardamoms ensures that you get the world’s best Alleppey Green Cardamom from the company that cares about getting that heavenly aroma to your table, without it diminishing enroute!

So go ahead and try Emperor Akbar Cardamoms – you’ll never need to look elsewhere!