Certified as the World’s Best Cardamom

Emperor Akbar’s claim of being the world’s best Alleppey Green Cardamom isn’t just hollow, but one certified by a prestigious GI Tag. Geographical Indication or GI acts as certification that a product meets certain stringent qualities and standards by virtue of belonging to a specific geographical region.

Emperor Akbar is one of only two entities in the entire world conferred with the coveted GI Tag for Alleppey Green Cardamom. The other being the Spices Board of India. Which means no one else can even so much as claim to produce, market or promote it.

Alleppey Green Cardamom is known for its unique qualities like fully matured pods, richer aroma, fruity flavour, greater oil content, uniform green colour and a three-cornered ribbed structure that give it a premium status the world over.