There’s goodness inside our pack… and on the pack too!

There’s goodness inside our pack… and on the pack too!

Emperor Akbar Cardamom is all about goodness. The cardamom in this pack helps alleviate a host of medical conditions and keep you in good health. But there’s more!

The pack itself is good for Mother Nature’s health. It is a product of revolutionary Flexzyme technology – made from multi-layered packaging material that comes embedded with helpful microbes that can completely breakdown plastic polymer. Thus once this pack has served its purpose, all you need to do is bury it in the soil, and it will biodegrade completely in a few years. Remember, conventional plastic requires centuries to biodegrade.

And don’t worry, the microbes are harmless to the contents of the pack as they are in a dormant condition and get activated only in favourable soil conditions.

We are doing all we can to make it easy for our customers to discharge their responsibilities towards the environment, the planet and, in fact, their own children’s future.

Congratulations on buying Emperor Akbar Cardamom, because you’re doing your bit for the environment.