Setting standards for others to follow

Setting standards for others to follow


Emperor Akbar Cardamom is forever looking at ways to delight its customers. Well aware that different users – the home segment, the hotels, restaurants, caterers (HORECA) segment and the industrial segment (coffee blenders, ice cream customers, spice mix and masala makers) – have varying needs in the cardamom they buy. Hence, we developed a unique grading system that is now an industry standard. We grade the cardamoms by the size of the pod diameter.

Soon after the cardamom pods are picked, they are processed at Emperor Akbar’s state-of-the-art HACCP-certified facility.

Size wise, the pods are then graded into colour-coded packaging for easy identification.

1) Purple Grade packs : 8mm & above pods

2) Pink Grade packs : 7.5mm & above pods

3) Green Grade packs : 7mm-8mm pods

4) Orange Grade packs : 6.5mm-7.5mm pods

5) Red Grade packs : 6mm-7mm pods

The quality remains world-class across all packs.

With this system of grading cardamoms, Emperor Akbar laid down the benchmark that the industry would follow later. When you buy Emperor Akbar Cardamom, you are buying the world’s best Alleppey Green Cardamom from the people who know cardamom best.