Aroma lock packaging

Here are some staggering facts…

Research is pointing to the stunning possibility that by 2050, the plastic escaped into the ocean may weigh more than all of the sea life within it!

What that can mean for animal and bird life is unthinkable. And so this other stunning fact: A third of all sea turtles and 90% of seabirds have probably eaten plastic. The numbers are definitely rising for every other animal species too – in water, in the air, or on land.

The problem is that plastic disintegrates without decomposing. So the little bits and shreds can hang around for centuries. In the meanwhile, they get mistaken for food and are ingested by unsuspecting animal life. Since plastic cannot be digested, it gradually accumulates in the stomachs of these innocent beings; until there is no more space for food!

A World of a Problem

It is estimated that in the oceans alone, some 100,000 marine animals are killed each year from plastic.

400 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year; of which 40% is just single use! Of this, more than eight million tonnes escape into the sea.

Enough has been said on the dangers of unrecycled plastic waste. However, a blanket ban on plastic isn’t the solution. Because life without plastic can precipitate other problems. Research indicates that replacing plastics in packaging with alternative products can raise environmental costs significantly by increasing greenhouse gases and energy use, while creating an entirely new category of waste.

The solution lies in recycling all plastic waste.

A World-Class Solution

Emperor Akbar Cardamom is a global brand, and with that global status comes global responsibility! The world’s largest exporter of Alleppey Green Cardamom, the brand has been extremely conscientious of adopting healthier and eco-friendly corporate practices. Seized of the issue of packaging being a big culprit in generating plastic waste, Samex India Pvt Ltd, the company that owns the Emperor Akbar Cardamom brand, invested heavily in R&D to come up with a solution without compromising on the world class quality of its product.

The result was the unique ‘Aroma-lock’ pack. It not only helped maintain the plantation-freshness and aroma of the cardamom even years after it reached the end-consumer, it also greatly reduced – if not entirely eliminated – the incidence of its packaging adding to the monumental problem of plastic waste.

Permanent Packaging

Here’s how the Aroma-lock mechanism works to, both, eliminate plastic waste and keep the aroma and flavour of the cardamom locked in…

At the Emperor Akbar Cardamom packaging plant itself, the plantation-fresh cardamom pods are quickly packed into the Aroma-lock packs, which are immediately sealed shut. The same are then transported in special UV-coated cartons, the combination of which ensures that the end-user receives the cardamom in the freshest possible condition.

Now, all the user needs to do is immediately slide the Aroma-lock back in place after extracting the pods she requires. Doing so ensures the remainder cardamom retains its aroma and flavour for as long as it remains inside this secure packaging – which can mean years. There is absolutely no need to transfer the contents to another container. Thus effectively, the same packaging is used for a few years without junking.

But that isn’t the end of the story! The beauty of this special packaging is that even after the cardamom has been exhausted, the very same pack can be used to securely store any other spice. Thus in effect, becoming almost permanent packaging… never adding to the vexing problem of plastic waste.

Emperor Akbar Cardamom has looked at the problem from every possible angle and come up with a commendable solution. The material used for the packaging is not just durable, but recyclable too. Thus, one way or the other, it is not adding to the plastic waste problem. Because, its durability means it can be used or transported over and over without breakdown. But even if junked, at any stage of its lifecycle, it is still fully recyclable.

World’s Best – in Every Way

It is heartening to know that food-related brands like Emperor Akbar Cardamom are taking their corporate responsibility very seriously. Here is a case where there’s world-class responsibility inside the pack, as well as on the pack itself!

Emperor Akbar Cardamom is one of only two entities that have been conferred the coveted GI Tag for Alleppey Green Cardamom. The other being the Spices Board of India. This means that nobody else on the entire planet can so much as even claim to produce, market or promote Alleppey Green Cardamom.

The result is that the world now recognises Emperor Akbar’s Alleppey Green Cardamom as the best of its kind. A legend of quality that has extended well beyond the shores of India, and to the Middle East, North America, South and Far East Asia and Europe too.

Your search for the best Alleppey Green Cardamom that additionally comes in responsible, eco-friendly packaging ends with Emperor Akbar Cardamom. When you buy Emperor Akbar, you not only buy quality, you also buy responsibly!

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