Say Goodbye To Bad Habits And Inculcate The Habit Of Health In Your Diet Today

People tend to become slaves of their own habits - whether they’re good or bad. What remains essential for a person’s health and wellbeing is for them to self-analysis and reflect which habits work in their favour and which don’t. Here’s a rundown of how bad habits affect you in a major way and an exciting element that can actually help as a healthy alternative.

On a daily basis, one partakes in many habits that may bring temporary joy but eventually lead to some permanent damages. Consuming cigarettes, tobacco, or pan masala are considered severe bad habits, but consumption of soft drinks and chewing gum after a certain level can also pose threats to a person’s health.

Smoking is injurious to health - every cigarette pack mentions this. And it is for a reason. Any nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals present in the food one consumes do not get fully absorbed if one smokes a cigarette right after it. The tobacco present in the cigarette ensures this blockage thereby actively harming not just your lungs but also your digestive system. So how do we swap this with something that is healthy for cigarette smokers but also refreshing enough to actually get them to stop smoking in its wake altogether? The answer might surprise you.

A cardamom, often called an Elaichi, can easily be found in any household and guess what? It might just act as a healthy alternative to fill the void of quitting bad habits. But how exactly is it healthy?

To start with digestion itself, consumption of cardamom can get help in curbing acidity. It can not only provide relief but also directly prevent the risk of acidity as chewing a few pods of cardamom after a meal helps with digestion. And good digestion equals good sleep. Which brings up the next best thing cardamom has to offer: a peaceful sleep. Relieving stress and anxiety, improving the metabolic rate and helping to induce sleep are just a few benefits cardamom can give when drunk before sleeping with milk. It may also increase airflow to the lungs and improve breathing thereby avoiding the development of several lung diseases.

Cardamom has antibacterial properties. So, chewing cardamom after having a hefty meal will not only eliminate any strong smells like the smell of garlic and onion but also leave behind a flavourful and refreshing aroma like no other.

Along with antibacterial properties, cardamom also has antiemetic properties. Antiemetic properties in a food item are required for helping with vomiting and nausea. If you suffer from motion sickness, carrying a small bag of cardamoms can be of great help.

Gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer are just a few of the serious concerns associated with tobacco use to oral health. Cardamom, on the other hand, is a natural spice that is free of toxic ingredients. Its antibacterial qualities can aid in the fight against oral microorganisms and encourage better oral hygiene. Some studies also show that cardamom might have cancer fighting compounds.

To add to improvements towards oral health, cardamom consumption may help prevent cavities too. Chewing gum does the exact opposite by being one of the major reasons for the development of cavities. So, feel free to replace the habit of chewing gum with the habit of chewing cardamom. Another bad habit related to food is the overconsumption of soft drinks which might lead to diabetes. Cardamom helps fight diabetes too as it may help lower blood sugar level.

In conclusion, cardamom is literally a superfood that has numerous health benefits. To replace smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco or consumption of harmful foods with the habit of chewing a cardamom daily would be to choose your health and wellbeing and ensure a peaceful life ahead.

When you integrate a healthy habit in your diet, there should be zero compromise on its quality. From the pod size in diameter to its aroma, the cardamom you decide to consume must be top-notch. Emperor Akbar Cardamom is India’s topmost cardamom exporter making it the finest cardamom you’ll ever lay hands on. Their aroma-lock packaging and variously graded packs of cardamom delivers the promise of premium quality, unmatched aroma and taste. One can simply not go wrong with Emperor Akbar Cardamom.

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