Health benefits of Cardamom

Even before the pandemic permanently changed the world we live in, people were increasingly veering towards a healthier lifestyle. Post pandemic, health consciousness (or even craze) has become a, well, pandemic in itself.

Like never before, or at least never in living memory, has the old adage ‘Health is Wealth’ become so universally and eminently true to the extent it has over the past year or so. With the focus shifting so conclusively to health, perhaps the best gift you can give anyone today is a ‘Gift of Health’.

Few things are as much a gift of health as cardamom. This ‘Queen of Spices’ isn’t just about the intensity of flavour and delight it lends different kinds of cuisines, but equally the variety of medical ailments it can help alleviate or manage. Blood pressure, infections, chronic diseases, digestive problems, asthma, dental issues and more... since ancient times, cardamom has been believed to bring relief to a host of ailments, and with absolutely no side effects. Making it the ideal gift on occasions such as festivals and weddings as a ‘Gift of Health’ for anyone and everyone.

But, a ‘gift’ is as much about presentability as it is about content. You can’t just buy a quantity of cardamom, dump it in a bag, dress it up in fancy-wrap and gift it to someone you care about. Thankfully, both content and presentability have been taken care of by Emperor Akbar Cardamom.

The World’s Best Brand of Alleppey Green Cardamom has launched trendy special-edition gift packs, proudly and festively emblazoned against its packing ‘The Shagun of Health’. Which makes it the perfect gift during any and all kinds of occasions – festivals, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries; or for that matter as a get-well gift or even no-reason-at-all gifts.

The special gift packs, which also featured at Gulfood 2021 in Dubai, come in a variety of sizes, which make them giftable both as a standalone, or as part of a gift hamper.

Emperor Akbar Cardamom is officially the World’s Best Alleppey Green Cardamom, because it has been conferred with the prestigious GI Tag, making it one of only two entities that can market or promote the same. The other being the Spices Board of India, themselves.

The quality of Emperor Akbar’s produce is beyond reproach. The pods are carefully picked and separated by native specialists whose skill has been inherited down generations. Only the healthiest and best-quality pods immediately go into the packing, which itself is secured with an Aroma-Lock that ensure the plantation freshness gets immediately sealed in. Further, the packs are carefully and securely sealed into sea-worthy and transport-worthy all-weather cartons, that ensure the same plantation freshness reaches you still locked in. And this aroma and flavour remains locked in so long as you immediately close the Aroma-Lock after extracting the pods you need.

Still trying to figure out what your next gift should be for that loved one you care about? Your search ends with Emperor Akbar Cardamom. Truly, the best ‘Gift of Health’ for any occasion.

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