Cardamom Hills - Alleppey Green Cardamom

Emperor Akbar Cardamom is officially the World’s Best Alleppey Green Cardamom. It’s an honour that comes as a result of the brand being just one of two entities in the entire world to be conferred the coveted GI Tag for Alleppey Green Cardamom. The other being the Spices Board of India themselves.

This means that no one else, apart from these two entities, can so much as even claim to be associated in any way with the produce, marketing and promotion of Alleppey Green Cardamom.

GI Tag stands for ‘Geographical Indication’ tag, and is a measure or certification of the origins of a product, specific to a geographical region. Alleppey Green Cardamom can only be grown in Alleppey, Kerala, in southern India. The properties of this variety of cardamom are specifically defined by the soil, water and climatic conditions it grows in – and, of course, these are unique to the Alleppey region in Kerala.

That is why even though cardamom is grown in other regions and countries (for example, Guatemala), the superior quality green cardamom that comes from Alleppey simply cannot come from anywhere else! And hence, Emperor Akbar’s produce is the ‘World’s Best Alleppey Green Cardamom’.

But, as important as the antecedents are, there are other factors that ensure Emperor Akbar’s cardamom is like no other on the entire planet…

One of those factors is the native skills of expert pickers that have been passed down generations, and dating back to the Raja of Travancore, whose own edicts and vision have made Alleppey Green Cardamom the world-renowned variety it is today.

Another factor is down to technology – that which decides how the produce is packed and transported. Emperor Akbar introduced special Aroma-Lock packs that, as the name suggests, locks in the aroma¸ flavour and hence potency of the cardamom for years.

Every single one of its packs has the Aroma-Lock mechanism. Yet, further, every pack is then itself packed into a special consignment carton for transportation. But this is no ordinary carton. Made of special material and reinforced by a unique process, these cartons are built and treated to ensure resistance to all-weather conditions – to the extent of even surviving submersion in water.

Thus, wherever you may be in the world, an Emperor Akbar Cardamom pack reaches you with its contents locked in with the very same plantation freshness. After which, the Aroma-Lock ensures the aroma and flavour stay sealed in for years – so long as you immediately close the Aroma-Lock after extracting the pods you need. The company therefore advises its consumers to not transfer the cardamom to another container, but let it remain sealed in the Aroma-Lack pack to ensure its prolonged freshness and potency.

And now that you know all about the World’s Best Alleppey Green Cardamom and its secret to prolonged freshness, go ahead, visit Emperor Akbar’s website and treat yourself to, well, the best cardamom that money can buy.

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