Served mostly in the month of Ramadan, Luqaimat, a popular Middle Eastern dessert, deep-fried balls of pastry covered in date syrup or honey. Crunchy and soft, Luqaimat is a delicious festive treat across the Gulf region.

This finger-licking recipe is a breeze to make.

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Saffron and Dates Granola

Saffron and Dates Granola is nutritious, flavorful and a perfect meal. Packed with flavours of saffron and other dry nuts it is best served with cardamom milk. 

Fasting or feasting, a perfect recipe to keep your energy high!

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Shrikhand / Cardamom Flavoured Yoghurt

Shrikhand - a sweetened yoghurt infused with the exotic flavours and aroma of cardamom, further enriched with dry fruits that make it rich and wholesome.

A creamy and mouth-watering cardamommmmm... flavoured yoghurt.

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An Indian traditional dessert usually made during festivals and celebrations. Easy to cook; with ingredients readily available at home.

Savour the delicate flavours of cardamom in this Indian delicacy!

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